IL001 – InLoox PM Installation and Administration

module-inl001 Objective and target audience
Once you have completed the training, you will be able to administrate an InLoox PM installation in a professional manner and to carry out complex configurations. The training is geared particularly towards system administrators and covers only the Workgroup and Enterprise Editions.

This training will give you the necessary knowledge to successfully implement InLoox PM. It covers such subjects as the system requirements, the selection of a suitable database, the installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (optional), the configuration of the database user-rights, the installation of the InLoox PM database, and the installation of the InLoox PM client.

On request, the course will also teach you how to set up the offline replication, how to install Windows Terminal Server as well as the process of upgrading.

Finally, the course will focus on the configuration options of InLoox PM. Using a concrete example, you’ll learn how to deal with both simple and complex authorization scenarios including the setting of account and role rights. The correct configuration of project numbers, statuses, groups, custom fields, views, etc. helps to avoid subsequent corrections, creates clear workflows and facilitates acceptance of the software by the users.

In addition, you’ll learn how to master not just the minor problems of users, but also the major disasters, such as server crashes.

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